Dry Pro August Photo Contest Entrants

September 10, 2013

Thanks to all our wonderful customers for sending your DryPro photos and testimonials!   1. “Thank you so much for this wonderful product as it saved our summer after he broke his thumb and needed a full cast the second week into July!!” 2.     3.“Thanks to Dry Pro- I was able to float […]

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DryPro Photo Contest Submission

July 29, 2013

Hello, Thanks so much for changing our summer!  My daughter Emma broke her left arm on June 8th.  It was an awful break and had to be reset   She has had 4 different casts so far.  Our biggest worry was that our annual trip to Six Flags would be ruined because Emma wouldn’t be able […]

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Need a Waterproof Cast Cover for Your Broken Arm? Order the Right Size Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Cover for your Summer Vacation

June 28, 2013

If you want to protect your arm cast at the beach or pool this summer, it is very important to get the right size Dry Pro. Watch our instructional videos that offer a step-by-step guide on how to correctly measure your arm. Match the circumference of the arm with the size chart below. Arm Cast […]

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It’s Possible to Swim in a Cast: Dry Pro 100% Waterproof Cast Covers Keep you DRY

June 26, 2013

DRYPro Cast Protectors will keep your cast or bandage dry during ANY water activity. Now you can swim, bathe, shower, enjoy hydrotherapy or even dive without getting your cast wet. Our patented pump creates a water tight vacuum seal that offers protection that cannot be found in any other product.  Nothing beats the DRYPro!   […]

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Swim with a Cast!

May 02, 2013

Broken Arm or Broken Leg before Summer Vacation – DRYPro by Dry Corp has the answer It happens every year around this time to thousands of people. Summer is just around the corner, you’re ready for vacation at the beach or lake house, or just looking forward to swimming all summer in the local pool. […]

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