Restoring Quality of Life

The DRYPRO mission is to restore the quality of life for those with casts and protected wounds by enabling them to take a bath or shower, do outdoor activities, receive hydrotherapy and even go swimming. It enables the user to maintain normal everyday living, restore quality of life after surgery, and even save your vacation.

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"This has been a lifesaver this summer with my 5 yr old daughter's broken arm. She has been able to play in the lake, take showers, swim in the pool!! Amazing product!!"

Monette S.

"I have a PICC line, and have tried multiple other options for covering my arm. This is the ONLY product that works well while keeping me dry and giving me full mobility of my arm. Thank you!"

Rika Z.

" changer. I went in the water, was able to shower unassisted and immediately my outlook changed! Yes, 5 weeks in a cast is not pleasant, but when you can still do what you love as well as care for yourself, it's much better. I hope you never have a cast, but if you do, do not hesitate to purchase DRYPRO."

John H.

"We bought this after the old bag and packing tape trick utterly failed us. The product is ideal. It is intuitive, tough, and 100% effective. My daughter was able to take very long and active baths with this on. We didn't have to stress one bit about whether her cast would stay dry. The material is highly durable, it would be ideal at a swimming pool or water park."

Emma R.