It’s Possible to Swim in a Cast: Dry Pro 100% Waterproof Cast Covers Keep you DRY

June 26, 2013

Scubadiving with a waterproof cast cover

Cast Protectors will keep your cast or bandage dry during ANY water activity. Now you can swim, bathe, shower, enjoy hydrotherapy or even dive without getting your cast wet. Our patented pump creates a watertight vacuum seal that offers protection that cannot be found in any other product.  Nothing beats the DRYPro!
“We are SSOOOO grateful for DryPro….it changed everything for u when our little Ella broke her arm at the start of summer….it has been a blessing for us as now she can swim, slide, and take a bubble bath!!.. Your product was SUCH a blessing to our family these 6 weeks And Ella got her cast off yesterday!! :)”
-Jill H. Bishop

DP ella 2

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