Swim with a Cast!

May 02, 2013

Broken arm or broken leg before summer vacation waterproof cast protector


Broken Arm or Broken Leg before Summer Vacation – DRYPro by Dry Corp has the answer

It happens every year around this time to thousands of people. Summer is just around the corner, you’re ready for vacation at the beach or lake house, or just looking forward to swimming all summer in the local pool. Then you break your arm or leg and you’ve got that dreaded cast on for 6 or 8 weeks or more and your doctor says you can’t get the cast wet. That means no swimming and even makes it very difficult to simply take a shower! Stress no more. Dry Corp has the answer! With the Dry Pro, though you have no more worries. The Dry Pro™ is a surgical latex sleeve that easily fits over a cast and vacuum seals to fully waterproof it, even when fully submerged. The Dry Pro™ gives people with fractures, amputation or wounds the opportunity to shower, swim or endure the elements without the worry of water damage. Go to our Facebook page to see all the smiling faces DRYPro has helped create.

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