Headquartered in Fayetteville, GA, HMP Enterprises Inc. was founded in 2019 by Paul Hunt II and Bruce Maloy. Our mission is to bring World Class Manufacturing back to Georgia. Our Executive Board ofAdvisors bring over 150 years of experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, OEM, Start Ups as well as other manufacturing disciplines.


In January 2020, HMP Enterprises acquired two divisions, Dry Corp & Dry Case. Dry Corp provides waterproof medical products under the brand name DRYPRO & waterproof electronic covers and gear through their sister company, DryCase. Owners Bruce Maloy & Paul Hunt II saw an amazing opportunity with absorbing these companies under the HMP Enterprises umbrella with the goal to reduce overhead and maximize operating efficiencies, while also growing an existing well-established International product line.

“Paul and I wanted to build a company that brings back manufacturing operations to our home state of Georgia,” said Bruce Maloy, CEO of HMP Enterprises, Inc. “It was also very important to us that we acquire companies that can help improve quality of life and we found that in DRYPRO. The waterproof medical products we produce, help people with casts, PICC Lines, Prosthetics and Ostomy bags do activities as simple as showering and swimming. We heard about DRYPRO for years and loved how each customer had a story on how the DRYPRO products helped them feel like they could continue to live life without the fear of water contamination to their affected areas. We wanted to help expand this company reach and bring this product to as many people as possible."

Paul says, "With the help of our advisors, we will be able to bring over 150 years of Mergers & Acquisitions, OEMs and other manufacturing and operation venues to each division. We are excited to open our doors in Manchester, GA, a place that is very special to Bruce & I, and where the original HMP was headquartered several years ago. Bruce and I both bring a unique skill set of sales, marketing and innovative leadership that we will apply to DRYPRO & DryCase. Both these companies work to create products that give people improved quality of life & help them conquer any condition. We look forward to seeing what is on the horizon for each company.”


Paul Hunt II 

President, Co-Founder

Bruce Maloy

CEO, Co-Founder