Dry Pro August Photo Contest Entrants

September 10, 2013

August Photo Contest Waterproof cast cover

Thanks to all our wonderful customers for sending your DryPro photos and testimonials!
1. “Thank you so much for this wonderful product as it saved our summer after he broke his thumb and needed a full cast the second week into July!!”
Spencer pool 2013 summer

3.“Thanks to Dry Pro- I was able to float the river with my family!”
Emily's Lazy Rive

4. Rockin’ my Dry Pro Cast Cover!
DP Sup yoga

5. Thank you so much! My daughter was able to enjoy the summer!!!

6. Thank you DryPro! We live in the Outer Banks and when my daughter broke her arm 4 1/2 weeks before school started she figured summer fun was over. Even with a waterproof cast, she was told to avoid the beach, ocean, and sound — not a great outlook for someone who lives surrounded by water. I found DryPro online and ordered it immediately. It arrived two days after she got her cast and summer was saved! She has been to the beach, swimming in the ocean, boogie boarding and playing in the sound without any water or sand getting into her cast. Such a great product. Thanks!

7. Thank you for saving my 6-year-old last few days of summer and making showers SO much easier!!

8. “Thank you for giving our 2-year-old the first family holiday he deserves(we seriously considered postponing the holiday, but thanks to your cover we didn’t have to)”
2 year old

Superman Chandler


11. “Able to enjoy the vacation with my son – Thanks to Dry Pro!”

12.Thank you DryPro! Your cast cover saved my 12 years old’s summer! I am an occupational therapist and will DEFINITELY recommend your products!!

13. When we found out Cole had broken his arm we were all heartbroken! He loves to be in the water tubing, swimming, knee boarding and just being a kid! Dry Pro saved our summer and kept the smile on our son’s face!

14. You made my summer perfect!!!! Tks

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