Willie the Whale!

August 17, 2016

Cast cover to see Willie the Whale

“I have taught swimming for 45 years and when I hurt my finger (mallet finger) I was told by the hand specialist that I would have to wear a splint for 10 weeks, I did not know how I would teach swimming this year.  The therapists told me to research the web to find swimming products.  After wasting a great deal of money on things that did not work, I found your DryPro waterproof arm protector. I experimented with it before lessons started and even called your company to see if I could keep it on longer than 45 minutes at a time (I teach 3 hours at a time). I teach many small children so I drew a face on the arm protector and named him Willie the Whale.  The kids love Willie and so do I. They come to lessons each day and want to see Willie. Your arm protector keeps my finger dry and also gives me the freedom to move my hand to teach. Thanks for letting me teach swimming again this summer!  No other product worked but your Dry Pro arm protector! Thanks!”   – Jane Weber

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