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Ostomy Bags Save Lives, DRYPRO Waterproof Ostomy Covers Save Lifestyles

Ostomy Bags Save Lives, DRYPRO Waterproof Ostomy Covers Save Lifestyles

Despite advancements in therapies for IBD, approximately 80% of people with Crohn’s disease and 20% of those with ulcerative colitis will require surgery at some point in their lives.  This frequently entails the creation of either a temporary or a permanent stoma. About 10% of CD patients will need a permanent stoma at a certain stage of their disease course. 

Embracing the Journey

Life takes us on unexpected paths, and for some of us, that involves undergoing surgery for conditions like Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. But fear not, because this journey is about discovering newfound strength and resilience. For patients that require surgical interventions, adapting to life with an ostomy may cause one to temporarily struggle through periods of depression, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, or poorer body image. Though adapting to life with a stoma can be challenging at first, advancements in therapies, medical devices, and stoma care products have made it possible for patients to enjoy an active lifestyle with confidence, and dignity, resulting in a vastly improved quality of life.

Empowering Your Spirit

It's natural to face temporary struggles with emotions like depression, anxiety, and self-esteem when adapting to life with an ostomy. However, take heart in knowing that modern treatments and caring for your stoma is easier than ever, offering you an improved quality of life.

As every ostomy patient knows, it’s important to learn to properly care for their stoma site to prevent complications, however, it is common for people to encounter challenges in keeping their stoma site and flange from getting wet and staying 100% dry while bathing or showering. Just like every superhero has their kryptonite, every ostomy patient has to learn how to care for their stoma site effectively. We understand the challenges you face in keeping your stoma site and flange dry, especially during those refreshing showers or relaxing baths.

Enter the Hero

DRYPRO Waterproof Ostomy Covers, your trusty sidekick in the battle against moisture isn't just here to save the day during water-related activities like swimming or water sports; they're also your partners in restoring a sense of normality to your hygiene routine.  DRYPRO waterproof ostomy covers make it easier for patients to shower safely or take a warm relaxing bath while protecting their ostomy with confidence.  

After healing from ostomy surgery, people of all ages and types enjoy swimming, surfing scuba diving, or just relaxing in a hot tub. Post-surgical patients often find that water therapy makes them feel stronger both physically and emotionally. In addition to building physical strength and endurance, the calming and relaxing nature of the water can strengthen one’s spirit and support one’s mental health during recovery.  However, it's not uncommon for people to feel a bit anxious when returning to the pool for the first time.  We understand how the anxiety over common concerns, such as the fear of leaks might keep some people out of the pool. 

Unleashing Your Inner Aquatic Warrior

Some people fear that their pouch will leak creating an embarrassing situation, but these systems are designed to be leakproof.  If you are still concerned about output, eat a few hours before swimming and empty your pouch before entering the water.  We understand that stepping back into the water after surgery can be daunting. But with DRYPRO there’s no need to fear leaks or restrictions. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, pool access is your right, and the innovative design of our modern ostomy covers ensures a leakproof experience.

Dive Into the Healing Waters

Picture yourself in the crystal-clear pool, the soothing ocean waves, or the invigorating hot tub. Water therapy isn't just about physical strength and endurance; it's about reviving your spirit and nurturing your mental well-being during your recovery journey.  DRYPRO is committed to helping ostomates restore as much quality of life as possible.  Our ostomy bags are designed to deliver durable and secure protection along with peace of mind.  Patients can live life to the fullest with confidence, knowing their ostomy site is dry and protected at all times.  

DRYPRO ostomy cover benefits

Looking for a way to keep your ostomy dry while enjoying water activities? 

Look no further than the DRYPRO Waterproof Ostomy Cover

With its patented vacuum-sealed design, lightweight construction, and affordable price point, this cover is the perfect solution for a day at the beach or participating in other water-based activities without worrying about damaging their prosthetic. Our user-friendly leg cover comes equipped with a hand pump to ensure a tight seal and is backed by a one-year guarantee. Don't let an ostomy keep you from living your best life—dive in with the DRYPRO Ostomy Cover today. 


  • 100% Waterproof, Airtight & Submersible
  • Keeps water out so you can shower, bathe and even swim with confidence and reduce the risk of infection. Protects the stoma and flange.
  • High-Quality Reusable Surgical Rubber 
  • The safest and most effective ostomy cover on the market with an easy-to-use size guide. 
  • Vacuum seal technology
  • Proprietary valve & bulb suction
  • 100% airtight & submersible even for swimming 
  • High-quality, reusable surgical rubber sleeve (contains latex)
  • Stretches up to 600% without ripping or tearing
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty 
  • HSA/FSA eligible (Health Savings and Flexible Spending Account cards) or purchase and use receipt for reimbursements with your employer's HSA/FSA

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