What to do when your cast is wet?

May 20, 2019

Wet cast broken arm

Having a wet cast can be a potential source of discomfort and can lead to infections. That's why it is important to take care of it in order not to damage it. A wet cast can increase the healing time and can lead to remake a new one, which can be very expensive. It is, therefore, better to avoid risks, especially if your cast is wet.

In this situation, the first question that should come to mind is how to dry a cast. Know that this is not necessarily the best solution. Here is some advice to help you if you face this scenario.

Wet cast broken arm

There are solutions depending on the degree of penetration of the water in your cast:

  • If a small amount of water has moistened the surface of your cast without reaching the inner layers, the easiest solution is to blow-dry it. Once the cast is dry, make sure it is still rigid, and check that the interior is not wet, as this could lead to complications (itching, mildew, odors ...);

  • If your cast absorbed more water, contact your doctor. He/she will be able to evaluate its condition and inform you of the procedure to follow. This could range from letting it dry to performing X-ray to make sure nothing has moved. If the water has soaked the cast, it may need to be remade to avoid potential complications;


  • If you think that your cast is too wet and no longer fit, do not take any risk and contact the emergency service directly.
If you wish to swim or take a shower safely with a cast, DRYPRO recommends its 100% waterproof cast protector. It covers the whole cast and guarantees that moisture cannot infiltrate. The DRYPRO is the only airtight cast cover, thanks to its patented vacuum sealed technology: it is totally submersible and it can’t even be pulled off, except if the cuff is lifted up. You will be able to take your shower without worrying about the consequences of water on your cast.

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