Waterproof Cast Protection

September 21, 2012

DryPRO Best waterproof cast cover for kids and adults testimonial

DryPro does more than just protect casts from water! Take a look at this testimonial to see what we mean…

“Thanks to DryPro my son was able to enjoy boy scout summer camp. They have a program called the Muck Hike which is an experience you will never forget! One of Minsi’s most proud traditions, the Muck Hike is run every Wednesday afternoon thr…oughout the summer. This one of a kind hike is open to a scout (or leader) willing to get dirty. My son would’ve missed out on this had it not been for the Drypro product. The hike takes scouts through the muddy swamps along the border of camp. This ecological adventure gives Scouts the opportunity to explore a distinctive, and often unexplored, environmental landscape. This activity always proves to be fun and enjoyable for both Scouts and leaders alike. The event concludes with a mob of muddy Scouts descending upon the waterfront to cleanse in the water of Lake Stillwater (this is then followed by a trip to the central showers to finish the task). It is recommended that any Scout planning on participating in this event come prepared with shoes and clothes that they don’t mind getting extremely dirty, muddy and wet.

Without Drypromy son would’ve missed out on this event….THANK FOR AN AMAZING PRODUCT AND FOR SAVING HIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!”

Thanks Ellen! We love to hear back from our customers!

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