Thanks For Making Our Maui Vacation More Enjoyable!

August 16, 2011

Vacation in Maui with a DryPRO waterproof cast cover for kids

“We really appreciate your quick response to our needs. We received the replacement FA-14 just 2 days after talking with you.

My 8-year-old was so excited that he quickly used it on the beach, splashing water and having fun.

One trick I learned about getting the DryPro on and off is to roll up the rim before sliding it up the cast and to roll it back down the cast and around the elbow before pulling it off. This method worked great and helped avoid the need to overstretch the material and accidentally rip it with your fingernails. Maybe you can add this as a useful hint to your instructions for future users.

Once again, thanks for making our Maui vacation more enjoyable for our son with the DryPro and your great customer service. Attached are 2 photos of our son underwater with the DryPro.”

Kind regards,

Vincent Un
Vancouver, Canada

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