THANKS DryPro for making such an awesome product!

August 09, 2013

Enjoy the summer with a waterproof cast cover


“ALL SMILES!! Because I was able to enjoy my fourth of July and week in Orange Beach, AL!  I am 8 years old and I broke my wrist on Saturday, June 29, 2013.  I couldn’t see the doctor and get my cast on until Monday, July 1.  I thought I was going to get a waterproof cast, like my brother, and not worry about my summer vacation BUT, the doctor said my break was so bad, I had to have a full arm cast and that is not waterproof.  I was so bummed!  Then the nurse told us about the dry pro and my mom, Laura, checked out the website.  She was out of town at a meeting but had access to a computer so, right there at work, she got the measurements over the phone so she could get the right size and ordered me one.  It was already 2:45 EST but the website said it would be shipped if she ordered it right away and it was right!  She ordered it and paid a little extra for 2-day shipping but it was WORTH it!  My dry pro arrived Wednesday morning and it was a perfect fit, thanks to the easy measuring video.  The next day, on the 4th of July, I was able to enjoy a great day on the boat with my family and friends (picture attached).  THEN, I was able to leave on Sunday with my family to Orange Beach and have an amazing week swimming, diving, and playing in the sand.  And never had to worry about ruining my cast.  I have healed great so now I have a short arm cast on AND it’s water resistant BUT I still use my dry pro so I can enjoy the saltwater and sand that I am surrounded by here on the MS gulf coast.  THANKS Dry Pro for making such an awesome product and for the super fast processing!  My mom says thanks for saving her from having to bathe me all the time. :)”

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