Summer is Almost Here, Learn About The Most Common Summer Sports Injuries

May 03, 2021

Summer is Almost Here, Learn About The Most Common Summer Sports Injuries

 With summer quickly approaching, we often start spending more time outdoors. That can range from swimming to running or much more. With any season & sport, injuries can occur! Here are the most common summer injuries & treatments!

1.) Shin Splints: If you are a runner, cyclist or even a dancer, you may be familiar with the painful shin splint. A shin splint is pain in the lower leg below the knee, that is often caused by overexertion or exercising too intensely. When this happens, you may experience shooting pains around the shin bones, swelling, numbness or weakness in your feet & sensitivity or tenderness to the shin area.

If you experience shin splints, it is best rest & ice the area of pain. Compression bandages & elevation is important to reduce the pain. To prevent this type of injury, it is important to warm up before exercising or performing your sport. Supportive shoes & pacing yourself is also a great way to prevent shin splints.

2.) ACL Injury: This type of injury occurs to one of the four ligaments in the knee that provides stability. When the knee hyperextends when pivoting, the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL can tear. This type of injury often occurs when an athlete or person is in motion.

Signs of this injury is a popping sound, severe pain, swelling, instability in the leg & more. If this occurs, you should seek medical attention. Your doctor will provide you with the best methods to recover but rest is one of the most important ways to heal an ACL injury. In some cases, surgery may be required for an ACL injury. It is important to be aware of your movements in sports and proper training to help prevent this type of injury.

3.) Bursitis: Another common summer injury is Bursitis, which is inflammation or injury to the fluid filled sacs that surround the knee. This often occurs from sports, infection or even just standing for long periods of time. With Bursitis, you may experience swelling, pain, knee redness or difficulty bending your knee. If this occurs, please seek medical attention to find out the best way to treat this injury. Additionally, be sure to warm up before exercising or use knee pads or bandages to support your knee while bending.


Summer brings a lot of outdoor fun & being aware of any of these potential injuries could save you from pain & allow you to fully enjoy your summer! The DRYPRO waterproof cast cover is a great way to keep a cast or splint dry and protected from all elements while in its healing stage. 


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