Summer Activities to do with a Kid in a Cast

May 27, 2019

DryPRO Waterproof Cast cover Kid Surfing

Having a child in a cast when leaving for holidays is always a problem. What can he/she do? How to enjoy the beach without getting his/her cast wet? How to protect his/her cast from the sand? Do we need to reschedule the holidays? Here are some activities that your child can do while enjoying his/her vacations.

Kid in a cast broken arm

Outdoor activities

•  Picnic in a park where you’ve never been before

•  Mini-golf, with only one hand everything is still possible

•  Go eat an ice cream

•  Go to the zoo

•  Pick flowers

•  Make S’mores

•  Start a lemonade stand

•  Go on a scavenger hunt

•  Plant flowers and paint the pot

•  Visit a farm

•  Feed the ducks

•  Go to a baseball game

•  Go to see fireworks

DRYPRO swim with a broken arm

Indoor activities

•  Watch a movie

•  Play music

•  Bake brownies, homemade popsicles, cupcakes, or cookies

•  Play cards or board games

•  Go to a museum

•  Storytime at a book store

•  Do a puzzle

•  Build with Lego

•  Read a book

•  Go to the theater

•  Learn a song

•  Write a story

•  Go to the aquarium

•  Make friendship bracelets

•  Learn magic tricks

At the beach

•  Sandcastle building

•  Swimming

•  Surfing

•  Scuba-diving


DRYPRO swim with a cast

Thanks to a waterproof cast cover your kid can still enjoy water activities with his/her cast this summer. You can put your trust in the DryPRO Waterproof Cast CoverIndeed, this high-quality cast cover is 100% waterproof and keeps a cast dry in the shower just like in the pool or at the beach. Our patented model guarantees that the cast cover is tightly sealed against the skin, to keep all moisture out. Moreover, it is an efficient way to protect a cast from the sand. Want another good news? Your kid can also enjoy swimming as it is totally submersible.

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