Spring Photo Contest Wrap Up

April 29, 2016

Photo Contest DryPro

Check out the latest photos submitted by happy DRYPro customers.
  1. “Literally saved my vacation. So easy to use and worked like a charm. I could swim and snorkel. SO WORTH IT!”
2. “Our son broke his humorous one day before we were leaving for a week long trip to St. Pete Beach, Florida for spring break. DryPro was recommended to us by a family member who had heard of you all! We want to say, as a family, THANK YOU DRYPRO! The cover arrived our first day there which was a Sunday. He swam like a fish, in the ocean and the pool, without any leaks the entire week. You guys rock!!! In this pic he was playing pass with a tennis ball.”
Pic 1
3. “My daughter was able to go snorkeling in Aruba…it was a great product and we recommend it!!! Saved our vacation!”-Jeanette
Pic 19
Pic 18
Pic 17
Pic 16
5. “Thanks to my daughter’s drypro cast cover, she was able to pet a sting ray in Cayman Islands just like everyone else!”
Pic 13Pic 12Pic 15
Pic 14
7. “If it weren’t for DRYPro my British Virgin Island trip would have been canceled. Thanks DRYPro!”-Darlene
Pic 11
8. “Ellie and Morrison Parido (cousins) were able to spend some time together on Clearwater Beach thanks to DryPro  Their grandfather found us on the crowded beach by scanning the coastline and saw the “blue fin” of Ellie’s cast cover poking up and out of the water!!!”
Pic 10
Pic 9Pic 8Pic 7Pic 6
10. “Thanks for making my trip to Florida a great one!”-Heather
Pic 5
11. “DryPro made it possible for our son to fully enjoy our Disney Cruise including the Aquaduck water coaster slide and the private beach! Thank you for making such an amazing product!” – Elizabeth
Pic 4
Pic 3Pic 2
Pic 23
14. “I went to Barbados for spring break and when I got this in the mail I was so happy. Thanks to DRYPro I can go surfing with my friends and family!” -Dani
Pic 22
Pic 20 Pic 21
16. “My son broke his wrist 10 days before our family trip to the Caribbean. Drycorp Waterproof Cast cover saved our vacation. My son was in the water for 6 days with not a drop of water reaching the cast.” -Ernie O

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