Protector your Cast from Water this Summer!

June 03, 2013

Waterproof cover after a surgery

Don’t miss out on your summer camp, beach vacation, or SCUBA diving adventure just because you have a cast or a recent surgery! Far more practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing than the duct-tape-garbage-bag combo you’ve been using, the DryPro Cast Cover creates a vacuum seal to make bathing and swimming a breeze. DryPro Cast Covers provide a sturdy seal above the cast – a requirement at the beach where sand inside a cast causes irritation and infection. DryPro Cast Covers are made of sturdy rubber latex, so they will outlast most casts. Dry Pro is the leading brand on the market for complete waterproof protection for cast, wounds, and bandages. If you or someone you know is in a cast this summer, contact Dry Corp at 1-888-6000-DRY.

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