Protect your Broken Bone from Water and Sand at the Beach

Dry Pro waterproof cast covers are the best product on the market for protecting a broken arm or leg at the beach. The latex sleeve easily fits over a cast, wound or bandage and gives people with fractures, amputations or wounds the opportunity to shower, swim and enjoy their beach vacation!!! See what people are saying about the leading brand of waterproof cast covers.

Saved our Vacation!
By:Susan Eagle
“My 10 years old broke her wrist 4 days before we were to go on vacation. This was easy to pack and allowed her to play happily in the pool with her brothers.”

Worked Perfect!
By: Johanna R. Thompson (Spokane, WA)
“I used this in Mexico over my cast for thumb surgery. It was pretty slick!”

Waterproof Cast Cover
By: Hoku
“Great product. Keeps cast dry. Easy to put on and take off. Glad I purchased it for my son who had a cast on his left hand up to his wrist. If he wanted to swim, he could totally do so with this cover on.”

Love the Product!
By: Sandra
“Kept my child’s cast nice and dry for a month, while bathing and showering! We used the same company before, for a leg cast. Would recommend anytime!”

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