Mom’s love DryPro waterproof cast covers

May 20, 2014

Son broken arm

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“TOO COOL!” Were the very first words that came to mind when I put on this product to test.  I was completely amazed at the technology behind the product and thought it was pure genius!..

Dry Pro 2 outnumbered
As you can see from the photograph’s above DryPro’s Waterproof Arm Protector conformed to my arm as a  result of it’s patented vacuum seal .  I showered with it on and when I removed the sleeve my arm was COMPLETELY dry! I was very impressed, to say the least. I loved the technology behind it too.  It’s a very simple bulb that, when squeezed, pulls the air out and creates the seal.  I thought it was genius in it’s simplicity.  I couldn’t help but think how wonderful this product was and how helpful it would be, especially to very active children, during the summer months when water activities are at their peak.

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