Make This Summer One to Remember!

March 28, 2016

Best waterproof cast cover

Let’s face it, breaking a bone never happens at a convenient time. It always seems to happen right before a planned vacation to the beach or just as summer begins. At DRYPro, we take having fun seriously and don’t want you to miss out on making memories!
The price of our cast covers ranges from $36.95-$40.95, which is much cheaper than replacing a wet cast. It is also a better alternative to using garbage bags and duct tape. On average, a roll of duct tape costs about $4 and trash bags are about $10 a roll. If you used this method once a day for three months, you would need about three of each item which adds up to $42.
We have good news! Our covers are reusable AND they have a 90-day warranty. If anything happens to the cover within 90 days, we will be glad to replace it. Our covers are made specifically to keep water out, making this a much more reliable and safer option.
Make this summer one to remember with our waterproof covers from DRYPro!

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