How to relieve itching under a cast?

August 26, 2014

Cast Relief for smelly itchy cast

cast relief your itchy, smelly cast solution

Want to relieve itching under a cast or splint?

You’re in luck! DryPro, the leading waterproof cast cover, just launched Cast Relief – your itchy, smelly, cast solution
Cast Relief ™ is a new, innovative aerosol spray that will soothe your intolerable cast itches as well as eliminate odors.  Cast Relief ™ can be applied through your fiberglass cast or sprayed directly at the source under the cast.  The simple, easy to use spray allows patients to directly eliminate itches and odors wherever they are.  Cast Relief ™ can also be easily applied to braces and splints.


The benefits of using Cast Relief ™:
  • Instant Relief
    Itches are instantly soothed upon contact and can be used time and again
  • Easy to Use
    Simply spray Cast
    the targeted area, and feel the itch disappear!
  • Safe
    Can be applied to normal skin.  No
  • Eliminates odor
    Cast Relief will leave your cast or brace smelling fresh and clean
  • Stop the smell, stop the itch


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