How to live with a Cast?

May 24, 2019

Doctor broken arm kid cast cover x ray

The doctor explains what you can do
•  How long you are going to keep the cast;
•  If you have a cast on your leg, the doctor decides if you can put the foot down, have to walk with crutches or have to use a wheelchair;
•  If you have a cast on your arm, the doctor will tell you to use a sling.

Broken arm doctor kid xray

To avoid swelling on my limb, you have to move your fingers or toes. If you want more tips about reducing swelling, click here.

When sitting, you need to elevate your cast
•  Keep your arm in a sling
•  Put your foot on a stool

Broken leg cast sit elevate

When lying down, you need to elevate your cast
•  Put your arm on a big pillow
•  Place your foot on a pillow

Broken leg elevate healing laying down

You must keep your cast dry
•  Garbage bags aren’t efficient as water can easily leak through the opening during the shower
•  Protect your cast with a high-quality waterproof cast cover. You can purchase yours here.

DryPRO Waterproof Leg Cast Cover Kid and Adults shower, bathe and swimDryPRO Waterproof Arm Cast Cover Packaging

You must remain calm to avoid damaging or breaking it.

You have to see your doctor if:
•  You have tingling in your fingers or toes
•  You can't move your fingers or toes
•  Your fingers or toes are swelling, pallid, bluish, very cold, or very warm
•  You have a lot of pain in your cast
•  Your cast smells very bad
•  The edge of the cast rubs and cuts my skin
•  You put an object in your cast
•  A colored stain appears on your cast
•  The cast is too big
•  The cast is broken

Doctor broken arm kid

If you want more tips to improve your quality of life during your recovery, come see our other articles here!

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