How DRYPro Saves Vacations

June 16, 2015

Best waterproof cast cover

Have you or a loved one broken a bone recently? Do you have a family vacation planned, but are afraid of missing out on outdoor fun because of a cast or bandage? Don’t sweat… Read our newest customer testimonial to find out how DRYPro saves vacations!
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your waterproof cast cover saved our vacation. Our son broke his arm two days before our Hawaii trip. He didn’t get wet once. Thank you! Attached are some pictures I thought you would appreciate. Thank you again!” – Rosemary, 6/15/2015
DRYPro Saves Vacations
DRYPro Saves Vacations
DRYPro Saves Vacations
Don’t let a broken bone ruin your summer. Visit to order your cast cover so you can see firsthand how DRYPro saves vacations!

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