How DryPro Cast Relief Spray solves the age old problem of a smelly cast

February 19, 2018

itchy smelly cast

 itchy smelly cast

Have you heard of DryPro’s new probiotic cast relief spray? It completely eliminates the problem of a smelly, itchy cast. It’s simple to use, all you have to do is slide the spray applicator into the cast against the skin. The new formula is chemical free, Eco Friendly, and Biodegradable.

Check out our raving reviews:

“This product was great and definitely necessary if you have a cast! Thanks DryPro!”- Deborah M

“A close friend recommended I try this product to relieve the smell and itch from my cast. I could not believe how well it worked.” – Ben M

"This product is awesome. Had a full leg cast and used a coat hanger to scratch my leg for weeks before I discovered this. After using this I threw the coat hanger in the trash where it belonged. No more itching and no more smell. Would recommend this to all!” – Lisa B.


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