Helpful Tips When Using Our Dry Pro Ostomy Protector

May 20, 2009

DryPRO Ostomy Protector

1. If you have a hernia, it most likely will break the seal.

**If you are just looking for protection from having an accident while swimming or soaking in a hot tub, the Dry Pro will give you that protection.

2. If your scar is sinking in, the Dry Pro will not seal properly.

**Apply your Skin Barrier Sealant Paste to your scar by filling in and building up your scar tissue. This will definitely help you achieve a proper seal with no leaking.

3. If you are using the Dry Pro for swimming, then I recommend using a 6” bag instead of the standard 11” bag. You can, however, fold your pouch in half.

The most important part of the Dry Pro Ostomy Protector is the 1” going around the pouch on your skin. This is how the Dry Pro seals to your body. If there is anything in the way, or if the 1” of surgical latex is not laying flat on your skin, you will not get a proper seal.

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