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January 05, 2017

Bathe with a cast

Ordering a product online or over the phone can sometimes be tricky due to not actually seeing or trying the product on. Do not let that stop you from ordering your DRYPro today! Read through the frequently asked questions below to guarantee confidence when ordering. 
Q: Is your product guaranteed?
A: Yes, we offer up to a 14 day refund on every product. The Arm/Leg Waterproof Cast Covers hold a 90 day replacement/exchange warranty. The PICC, Ostomy, and Prosthetic Waterproof Protectors hold up to a 1 year replacement/exchange warranty. Shipping is always included in any replacement order.
Q: How fast can I get the product?
A: All orders placed before 3:15pm EST receive same day shipping! Our standard shipping is 3-5 business days. However, we also offer 2 day and overnight shipping. You can select your own shipping method when completing your order.
Q: Can I find your DRYPro products in a store near me?
A: Yes! We distribute to stores all over the United States and even have many International accounts. You can find DRYPro near you by using the link below.
Q: How do your refund and replacement policies work when ordered through a distributor?
A: We ask that you go through your place of purchase when dealing with a refund or replacement. Our distributors are very good about honoring our same policies and will take care of your situation. We then credit the distributor for their service the next time they place an order with us.
Feel free to call us at 1-888-337-9776 or email with any further questions!

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