DryPro Summer Photo Contest Entrants

August 05, 2013

Summer photo contest waterproof cast cover

 Thanks everyone for entering the DryPro Summer Photo Contest!

1. “For Dry Pro Photo Contest using cast arm protector for a broken elbow. Used in the pool and at the beach in Guadeloupe in the French West Indies.  Thank you Dry Pro for making our summer a little more fun under the circumstances. Lola 6 years old.”
DP lola

2. “Thanks to your product, I am able to swim. And for that, I cannot thank you enough.”
DP Layth

3. “My son shattered his elbow two weeks before our trip to the beach. He was devastated when he heard he would have to stay out of the ocean and could not get it wet. My wife when online looking for solutions, she came across your site and we decided to give it a try. So glad we did this product of yours is awesome. My son was able to go in the ocean and play in the waves, without a single drop of water getting on his cast. It was great. Thank you a million times DryPro saved our vacation. I would recommend your product to anyone. “
DP Oliver

4.” We have a swimming pond at home and a pool, lake, and water slides where we camp every weekend. A buckle fracture could have made Claire miss out on all the fun. But the Drypro cast cover helped her have a not-so-bummer-summer! She hasn’t skipped a beat!”
DP heather

5. “Thanks again for your product. My boy is still enjoying summer water fun moments. His name is Tiberius Jean-Remy. 9 years old.”
DP Philip 2

6. “Cole’s Dry Pro glove was the best $50 we spent this summer! It saved his summer and allowed him to swim in the pool, the lake, go tubing and knee boarding and even jump off of the boat and do flips!
Thanks Dry Pro…we were great advertising for your company! Everyone asked where we got it! Thanks again!”
DP Cole

7. “Thanks to DryPro, our Daughter is able to keep up with the other kids this summer. Our Daughter’s doctor told us to not trust any products out there that were used for waterproofing casts. After reading customer reviews of the DryPro products, we decided to give it a try. We are so glad we did! I’ve since told her Dr. and other parents about your products and would recommend it to anyone needing cast protection. Because of the cast protector, she’s been able to go to the waterpark (including water slides) and swim in the lake with the rest of us this summer.”
 DP Julia 

8. “My 13-year old daughter broke her leg (tibia) on a trampoline two hours after school let out for the summer. The doctor said she’d be in a mid-thigh cast for 12 weeks, which meant her summer was toast–no boating, no swimming, no kayaking. That is until we found Dryrpo. Now she’s swimming in pools, floating on the Merrimack River, hanging off the boat in the ocean with friends.  And just last week, six weeks into her cast time, my son broke his hand playing baseball. Guess what, he’s now in a Drypro and they’re both enjoying summer (in fact, we all are). This picture/video was taken yesterday boating in the Plum Island Sound off of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Kyle and friends hit the ring from the raft and Sara serves as a judge.”
DP beth

9. “Thanks so much for changing our summer!  My daughter Emma broke her left arm on June 8th.  It was an awful break and had to be reset   She has had 4 different casts so far.  Our biggest worry was that our annual trip to Six Flags would be ruined because Emma wouldn’t be able to go on our favorite ride the log flume because she couldn’t get her cast wet.  As you can see, thanks to DryCorp, Emma proudly rode the log flume.  I attached the whole picture with all of us with her on the flume and the words Six Flags so you could see.  If you are considering her for the contest we could always take out the rest of us and cut out Six Flags name if it is an issue.  We just wanted you to know how happy you have made the summer for kids who have already been through so much.  Thanks so much!”
DP flag 1

10. “ALL SMILES!! Because I was able to enjoy my fourth of July and week in Orange Beach, AL!  I am 8 years old and I broke my wrist on Saturday, June 29, 2013.  I couldn’t see the doctor and get my cast on until Monday, July 1.  I thought I was going to get a waterproof cast, like my brother, and not worry about my summer vacation BUT, the doctor said my break was so bad, I had to have a full arm cast and that is not waterproof.  I was so bummed!  Then the nurse told us about the dry pro and my mom, Laura, checked out the website.  She was out of town at a meeting but had access to a computer so, right there at work, she got the measurements over the phone so she could get the right size and ordered me one.  It was already 2:45 EST but the website said it would be shipped if she ordered it right away and it was right!  She ordered it and paid a little extra for 2-day shipping but it was WORTH it!  My dry pro arrived Wednesday morning and it was a perfect fit, thanks to the easy measuring video.  The next day, on the 4th of July, I was able to enjoy a great day on the boat with my family and friends (picture attached).  THEN, I was able to leave on Sunday with my family to Orange Beach and have an amazing week swimming, diving, and playing in the sand.  And never had to worry about ruining my cast.  I have healed great so now I have a short arm cast on AND it’s water resistant BUT I still use my dry pro so I can enjoy the saltwater and sand that I am surrounded by here on the MS gulf coast.  THANKS dry pro for making such an awesome product and for the super fast processing!  My mom says thanks for saving her from having to bathe me all the time. “

 DP Cheyenne

12.” Our little girl Autumn (age 5) broke her arm camping.  She was crushed assuming the rest of her summer was ruined.  Immediately, we asked around and everyone we knew told us about Drypro.  Drypro within 24 hours had a cover sent to us where we were on vacation!  The beauty for us is nothing we had planned or had hoped to do has been changed.  She is playing, swimming, crawling the creek, and jumping in the splash park with her brother once again!”
Dry Pro Arm Cast Cover
14. Gabe Stein
DP Gabe Stein

15. “Our 12-year-old son broke his arm the very first week of summer! What a huge bummer!!! Thanks to your awesome product, he has been able to enjoy our vacation to his grandparents' lake house. He obviously hasn’t been able to do EVERYTHING he usually does (ski, kneeboard etc) but his cast cover has allowed him to enjoy the water.
I must also add that I’m an occupational therapist and will recommend your product.”
DP hoder

16. “Four weeks ago Maya Broadwater was having an intense gymnastics workout. She was ordered to perform a roundoff-back handspring. When the stunt was completed, she felt a sudden sharp pain in her hand. “Ouch” she shierked. In the spare, of the moment she ran to get ice. She sat out for the rest of the three-hour practice. The pain was unbearable. After practice, she told her mom. Her mom and she then went to an urgent care center. The doctors told her the sad news. Her finger was fractured down to her wrist. They told her that she would have to see an Orthopedic doctor the next day. The next day she woke up at 8’oclock in the morning to go to the Orthopedic office. When she arrived, the Orthopedic doctor took X-rays of her finger. They estimated that she would have to be in a cast for six weeks. In Maya’s head she was thinking about all the camps she now can’t go to and all the fun time in the water she wouldn’t be able to enjoy. Luckily the orthopedic doctor had given her a special kind of cast that she could go into the water with. The next week, Maya traveled to her beach house with her friend Aiyana. Over the next two week,s Maya went to beaches and got sand, rocks and dirt into her cast. It irritated her skin so badly she begged her parents to get her a new one. The thing she didn’t know was that her cast was slowly breaking. After the Two weeks pass she went to her grandmothers house in Florida. Her grandmother clearly saw that the cast was breaking and took her to ANOTHER Orthopedic doctor who gave her a Boring old regular cast. The worst part about it was that it wasn’t water proof. All week long Maya gazed longingly at her grandmothers pool. Her grandmother felt bad for her. One night her grandmother was on the computer  searching up how to cover a cast so she could take a shower. In her searc,h she found a waterproof cover. All the products that she saw were getting bad reviews until she came upon Dry Pro. She quickly ordered it with one day shipping. The next day Maya awoke to a big present at the kitchen table. Maya quickly opened it with excitement. At first, maya was confused. She didn’t know what it was. Was it an oven mit or some discombobled glove. “Uh what is it?” asked Maya. “It’s a waterproof cast cover so you can swim.” Maya jumped with excitement, pulled on her bathing suit, flopped on the cover, and jumped in the pool. Maya was having so much fun but she was lonely. She called her friend Aiyana and she was there in a click of a button. Maya was having so much fun and she was very thankful for there being a product this nice. Maya did one last flip then dried off and went inside. This was one of the best days in her life!”
DP back

17. “I had sent another pic and I would like to add this one as well… We just got out from being sprayed by the fire truck!!! What a blast!!  Thanks to dry pro”
DP katie

18. “Hello, I can’t tell you how happy we have been with dry pro . My six year old daughter broke her leg as soon as our neighborhood pool opened up , the week before field day, and 3 weeks before we were scheduled to leave for Disney…. Let me tell you we have still been able to have fun this summer!!!! She is limited with her activities because she can not walk or bear weight. Having the dry pro has truly been a miracle. She can swim for long periods of time all over the pool, she was also able to be sprayed with the fire trucks on field day, and most of all , we just had a blast at Disney. We were able to ride all the rides with no worries as too if her cast would get wet. We even got caught in a  down pour and within a second we had her boot on and her cast did not get wet at all. Thank you dry pro!!!!! Even though she has a bad break , she can still have fun!!! We would of be missing out on swimming, on field day and worst of all, the trip of a lifetime, Disney!”
DP disney

19. “Thank you for giving our 2 year old the first family holiday he deserves(we seriously considered postponing the holiday, but thanks to your cover we didn’t have to)”
spacerDP spa

20. “Thank You dry pro for saving our vacation – and our summer:)”
DP Maria

21. “You made my summer perfect!!!! Tks”
DP Ric

22. “Thank you DryPro. Our 6 year old has had a good time this summer even with a broken arm!”
DP trent

23. “Living in West Virginia requires more than getting wet. Thanks for keeping me Dry!”
DP wv
Dp Lori water
24. Thank you Dry Pro!!”
DP Dawn

25. “Works Perfectly”
 DP Ricardo

26. “I had knots in my stomach as I sat in the ER with my son thinking about how we were going to afford a broken arm and how it was going to effect our much anticipated family vacation. When the doctor was setting his arm he mentioned your company. I was hopeful and skeptical. Well after a week of tide pools, swimming, and hiking we have had true success in all regards! You made this little 5 year old enjoy his summer vacation and with the ability for him to bathe, you also made mine ;). Thank you!”
DP Rob

27.I lost my leg in 1993, in a car accident, I was 14. I have since grown, become a nurse, a wife, and mother of 3. My daughters watch me, and I always try to hold my head proud and do everything I can/want. I want them to see that I  don’t let being an amputee hold me back. I have a pool at home, and we go swim on vacation, I do without a leg, and don’t have too much trouble. Every year though, we go to the beach, and I wear a rain boot on my prosthesis to protect it. After a few hours, I am hot and miserable and ready to go. The kids never complain, we just always go back to the pool. I bought the swim cover this summer. I went in the ocean for the first time in 22 years. I kept me feet in the water all day, I played in the sand with my daughters, I stood in the waves with my husband, I soaked up sun, and wind, and salt water for hours. I cannot explain the excitement that my girls had at me being in the water, and playing in the sand with them. They screamed, they squealed, and my almost teenager said, “Mom, I don’t think I have ever been more proud or excited for you”. I had an incredible day, and cannot wait to try out more wet things that I have been missing out on. Thank you, for memories, for chances, and for a great new adventure!”
Waterproof prosthetic

28. “I lost my leg in 2004 in a car wreck and although I have been in the water I am limited… With the dry pro I went to a water park yesterday and was almost in tears coming down the watersides!!!! Thank you so much for giving me my freedom of water back!!!!”
DP pro

29. “My daughter Sara broke her elbow 3 weeks after we put up our brand new pool. Your Drypro product saved our summer and vacation. Thankfully your fast shipping saved our Staycation too! I ordered the long arm cover on Friday and it arrived on Tuesday. I couldn’t be happier. It does really work! I’m a believer! Her brother Sean was so upset when she broke her arm. He didn’t want to play in the pool without his sister. Thank you for the great American made product and great service!!”

30. “Our son had broken his wrist right before we were due to go on vacation. We can across your product and after some research decided to order it. It worked awesomely. Our son was able to participate in swimming and other water based activities. Believe me when I say that given his personality, sitting on the side lines would not have worked out well. That being said, the Jean – Remy family would like to thank you for your product. It saved out a little boy’s summer.”

31. ” I just wanted to take a few minutes out to let you know how VERY impressed I was with your customer service as well as the speediness of delivery AND the excellent product!. From beginning to start (ordering to receiving, actual product and then talking with customer service after) I would give you A +++++ on all accounts!! I have already shared my posistive experience with some friends and one has already ordered a product!”

32. ” I am so happy to report that your help and of course DryCorp, helped out and made the vacation amazing! Attached are photos of my daughter Lundyn, experiencing ocean kayaking for the first time ever — something she has longed to do, and thought there was no way she could when she broke her arm, then when we couldn’t figure out how to do the cast cover properly, she was in tears again! BUT, you saved the day with sending the pics of the right and wrong way! It worked perfectly! She was swesome at kayaking and had the experience of a life time going right out in the Atlantic with the dolphins and manatees playing at Tybee Island.  Without this product, she would have been watching her brothers from the shoreline — now she’s blowing up text, talk and Facebook with awesome pics from her “blue arm kayak adventure” I can’t thank y’all enough for such an amazing product. My baby girl’s smiles say it all!!”
DP Kayaking

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