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DryPro Offers the Best Waterproof PICC line Protector

Waterproof PICC line protector


Here at DryPro, we understand how important it is for PICC line patients to keep this area of the body completely dry and safe from bacteria and infection.  However, we also understand that PICC line patients like to go swimming too!  With DryPro’s Waterproof PICC Line Cover, you will be able to shower comfortably, swim worry-free, and do other things you’ve been missing since you got that tedious PICC line inserted. 
What is the DryPro Waterproof PICC line Protector?
If you have a PICC (Peripherally inserted central catheter), then you know the area around where the PICC is inserted is prone to infection. You will find that using the Latex Free Dry Pro™ as a PICC line cover when showering or swimming helps to keep bacteria and other contaminates away from the vein the PICC is inserted in. With a Dry Pro™ Latex Free PICC line cover, you can keep the area around the vein completely dry, whether you are in the shower or the ocean. DryPro uses our same vacuum seal technology over your PICC or IV line, but it is tan colored and open on both ends to keep your hands free for use. You can now shower, bath and swim with a PICC line with complete waterproof protection.
“I can’t thank you enough for this product.  My daughter, Kalyn Faggart, age 16, has had a PICC line in her arm since February 2007.  Prior to the illness and the PICC line, swimming was a huge part of her summer.  We went through last summer trying various things, (plastic bags, waterproof tape, etc.).  Nothing worked and she was unable to swim.
A month ago she got the news that the PICC would be in for yet another summer.  Shortly after that, we saw your brochure in our doctor’s office.  I brought it home and immediately ordered one.  This product is FABULOUS!!!  It has given her part of her life back.  She is again swimming regularly and will be able to enjoy it this entire summer.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”                        -Denise Faggart
What makes the DryPro PICC line protector different from other PICC covers?
First and foremost, it is 100% WATERPROOF.   While there are other “waterproof” cast protectors on the Internet, they are typically “modified garbage bag” style protectors that do not provide the water-tight seal offered by the DryPro.  Because of its patented vacuum seal, the DryPro will keep your PICC line completely dry even if it is fully submersed in water.  The patented vacuum seal is the essential element of our waterproof products. Think of it like this: once all of the air is pumped out, no water molecules can get in.   DryPro uses specific sizing charts to find the exact size and fit for each customer, in order to guarantee 100% sealed protection.
The Dry Pro PICC protector is available in a variety of sizes; We’ve got a DryPro for Tiny Tim and we’ve got one for Shaq.  Repeated leak-proof testing proves the reliability of the Dry Pro as the only truly waterproof protector. When applying the Dry Pro, the included pump flattens to indicate an intact seal that will not leak.
“Dear Dry Corp,
I was truly thankful for the PICC protector on a recent trip to Las Vegas. I had just been diagnosed with a staph infection prior to making my spring break trip. With the PICC protector I was able to enjoy the swimming pools and the wonderful sunshine!!! Thanks again.”  – Darla Brown
Finding the right size DryPro for you
It is essential to have the correct measurements needed to determine exactly which size you need when ordering your own DryPro, in order to guarantee the utmost protection for your own personal PICC line area.  These measurements are how we ensure that no water will ever enter the desired area.
To determine your measurements, follow these simple steps:
1.)  Untitled1
Measure the circumference of the arm 2 inches below the PICC or bandage site.  (Make sure not to measure directly on the joint)
Measure the circumference of the arm 2 inches above the PICC or bandage site, making sure not to measure directly on the joint.
3.) Use our PICC protector size chart to find the size for you
Untitled5“This product is ideal for patients who need to keep a PICC line dry during bathing. We have been using it for about a month now, with no moisture seeping inside. It makes showering so much easier than
fighting with layers of cling film.”
-PJ Shelton
To order your DryPro PICC line protector today, CLICK HERE

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