DRYPro Introduces New Custom Printed Cast, Bandages and Body Protectors!

April 12, 2013

Custom printed cast, bandage and body protector


Dry Corp has some exciting news for physicians, DMEs, and Pharmacies. We’ve just started printing logos on our DRYPro waterproof protectors! Authorized dealers of DRYPro can now advertise directly on their customers cast and wound covers.

DRYPro is the premier product on the market with the “Airtight. Fits Right” waterproof vacuum seal guarantee. For years the DRYPro has increased the quality of life for millions of happy customers. Top orthopedic surgeons, podiatrist, infusion nurses and ortho-techs around the world recommend our products to their patients. Our dealers have experienced more store traffic and a direct increase in revenue after selling DRYPro.

In addition to custom printing logos, we also have available to our wholesale customer’s complimentary full-color brochures and holders to help increase sales and publicity. Our brochures will be personalized with the retailers' name prominently displayed on the back to refer patients to the retail facility. Custom marketing materials are a great way for retail stores to drive new customers to their stores.

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