DRYPro Helps A Diabetic Patient

September 23, 2015

DRYPro Helps A Diabetic Patient

We Love Testimonials!

Here at Dry Corp, we make it our mission to enhance the everyday comfort and quality of life for those in need of bodily waterproof protection. We love hearing when our products have done just that! Read this latest testimonial from our customer, Timothy L., who is both diabetic and a sufferer of severe neuropathy:
“Hello! I received my Drypro leg sleeve from Drycorp with much anticipation!

I am a disabled diabetic with severe neuropathy and have had four toes operated on with three of them removed. I have never found a cast or bandage cover
that could hold up to its claim of being watertight, let alone waterproof.

I searched Amazon.com on the Internet and found your products and Web Site there. After viewing your video demonstrations on your Web Site, I found it almost unbelievable to see folks swimming in pools and bathing in the ocean. So, I delved deeper into the Site and found the sizing chart and ordered your product for a half leg to cover up over the soft cast bandages from the foot to the knee. I stand 6’3” and over 300 pounds, so it is important that when I buy products, I am assured that they will fit me and be usable for the long haul.

Drypro hit the target. It was simple to comprehend. Simple to put on. Simple to manipulate and very watertight! I don’t even notice that I have it on when showering. The extra bonus is the rough coated non-slip footsie area. What a plus for those of us afraid of slipping in the shower on the other types of covers.
Not so with the Drypro.

Next week I am taking your company information and my terrific Drypro cover to the Wound Clinic with me for a little demonstration for the Doctors and Nurses. Banner Good Samaritan Hospital Wound Clinic in Phoenix, AZ is renown throughout the southwest US for the excellent type of care that it provides to their patients. I hope that they will see what I see in your product and be able to recommend it to other patients who may also have a difficult time finding a product matching all of the qualities that I have found and highlighted in this note.

Thanks again, DryCorp for the terrific product Drypro! It has changed the way
that I am able to live my life on a daily basis.”

-Timothy, recent DRYPro Purchaser
We’re proud to offer waterproof protection for diabetic patients and individuals in need of wound protection, and are even more proud to provide an increase in the quality of life for our customers! If you’d like to learn more about the unique waterproof protection that the DRYPro Cast/Wound Cover offers, click here.

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