DryPro Had It Handled!

June 30, 2016

Beach vacation in a cast

Dear DryPro,
Two days prior to my seven-year-old daughter, Peyton, being released from school for summer vacation she fell off the swings breaking both bones in her left forearm. This was also a four weeks before our beach vacation (I’m actually sending this from the beach). After we were told no surgery would be required, I jumped online and ordered two full arm covers because I knew DryPro had it handled due to our previous experience with a full leg version for the same daughter breaking her right leg also at school.
She is known at the beach now as the girl with the broken arm.
Peyton actually showed it to a father on the beach who couldn’t get into the ocean with his son due to having a full arm cast. He said he was going to try to have one overnighted to his condo for the remainder of his vacation.
Any-who, thanks for saving our vacation and for making such a perfect product!
The Stone Family
Calhoun, GA

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