DryPro Enjoyed By Flipper!

July 18, 2016

Enjoy your vacations even with a cast

“I ordered the cast cover for my very active 11 year old son who broke his arm two weeks before our beach vacation and was in a full arm cast. The cover worked great! He was able to go snorkeling, swimming, played on the beach and in the waves for 10 days. It literally was a lifesaver for him. DryPro allowed him to fully enjoy his summer vacation. The cover was a little big in the thumb area so he acquired a new nickname…Flipper. He is now known as Flipper among family members and he took all the razzing in stride and with a smile on his face. The doctor was even impressed at his checkup with the shape the cast was in. It really does keep the water out! Even though it tends to get a little damp from sweaty hands and probably some condensation it never got nearly wet enough to damage the cast. He wore it for about an hour at a time sometimes even longer. I would recommend it for anyone who has active children going on vacation or during summer months so that your child does not miss out on all the water fun. We will order again if ever needed!”         – Stacye W.

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