DryPro Customer Contest – Winter 2014

March 10, 2014

Waterproof cast cover testimonials

Read what customers are saying about Dry Pro

1.  “I have to say that the Drycorp waterproof cast cover was an absolute lifesaver for a 70th Birthday Party for my father. We spent four days on Captiva Island, and all activities included swimming, swimming, and swimming.  Our little girl broke her arm 8 days before this surprise birthday celebration for her grandpa and I was not sure how we were going to make it through a beach/pool weekend vacation in a cast.  After discussing a waterproof cast with our Dr., I told him about your product.  I was apprehensive to have a cast removed, just to have a waterproof cast put on.  He gave us the go-ahead to give it a try and said the worst thing that will happen is that it will get wet, and you will have to come in for a new cast.  She spent 3 days in the pool with her cousins, and it absolutely was so worth it.  She spent hours in the pool, the waterslide and we had no issues with water getting into the cast and her skin looked great after wearing it for hours each day! I can’t say enough about this product, as it was a lifesaver for our family! We have plenty of photos from the weekend!!”
stacey2. “Family vacation to the great wolf lodge 2014,

Izic broke his arm a week before we had a planned trip to the great wolf lodge, thank goodness we discovered you guys. You saved our vacation, as you can see Izic had a blast, thank you Becky Carney, photos attached….B-)”

Becky Carney3. “We were so pleased with DryPro’s waterproof cast cover.

Having an 18-month baby in a cast is not for the faint of heart.  The best part of her day?  When we said we were going swimming! She’d hurry and grab her cast cover!  Thanks Dry Pro for meeting our needs.”
rachel4. “I found the sleeve for my pic line on my bicep worked great.

It gave me the freedom to take a decent shower. “

5. “I cannot begin to put into words what a lightsaber the dry corp cast cover has been for me on numerous occasions.

From a broken ankle of my six-year-old to you again a broken femur of my same child at seven and just recently for my 11-year-old daughter who broke her hand in a car accident. This cover has not only kept my sanity when it comes to summer and basic showering... To still being able to go to a waterpark with a broken hand, all of which would’ve been close to impossible with that this cover. I recommend it to every child and adult I know who has ever suffered any broken bone at all.”

6. “Dear Dry Corp

…Ordered your PICC Line dry sleeve to maintain and protect my line while on vacation in Florida and a cruise.  I hated wrapping my arm with Ziplok bags and tape as it was time-consuming and uncomfortable.  The PICC line sleeve protector worked great.  I use it every day to shower and bathe and wore it around the pool deck to prevent the area from getting wet or contaminated.  After placing it on once or twice it became very easy to place and remove and I feel very confident around water when its on and secured.  Your company did an amazing job in getting the protector to my address in time of the vacation and it was a true blessing.  I would recommend it to anyone who needs to protect their PICC line or any similar medical device from water.  Thank you, thank you, and now I can look forward to my next trip/adventure.”

7. “I had been looking for something like this for a while and was glad to find it.

Amputees have a hard time swimming or boating when your leg is not supposed to get wet.  I am anxious for warmer weather so I can try it out!”


8. “We are so happy that your company has a product that makes having a cast bearable.

My now 16-year-old has used your long arm cover and short arm cover more times that I would care to admit.  In a few more weeks he will be back in an above elbow cast for 2 weeks and a short cast for 6 more weeks.  We will be (again) using your very effective and useful product. He swears by your product and I honestly do not know what we would do without them.  Thank you so much.”

9. “My daughter was crushed when she broke her wrist 3 weeks before our Disneyland trip.

We had reservations at the Disneyland Hotel and she had been looking forward to swimming in the pool for MONTHS! We were talking about rescheduling our vacation and I found your product online and ordered it. We had just enough time to test it in the bathtub before we packed up and left. Let me tell you, this product saved our vacation. The cover completely covered and sealed her cast. She swam, played on the waterslides, and spent time in the hot tub. Her cast stayed completely dry! I even had an Orthopaedic nurse stop and ask me about your product so she could recommend it to her patients. She was just amazed at how well it worked. We continue to use it when we got back home for baths and showers…Dry Pro saved out vacation and made our little girl very happy! I would recommend your product to anyone.”


scuba 2

11. “I would like to thank your company for such an awesome product.

My 6-year-old son has been in an arm cast all but 11 days since the beginning of August. He has worn his DryPro in the ocean, in the tub, to wash the car, to go in the sprinklers and many showers. We have recommended it to everyone we see in orthopedics! The first DryPro we ordered in August just now got a tiny hole in it, after almost daily use for almost 5 months!! (It still works!!) AMAZING!! Our second one is on its way. We will definitely get used of the next one over the next few months. THANK YOU!!”

12. “A fantastic product!

I can now take showers without the fear of losing my balance. It has given me confidence and greater independence. “


“Hi There – my name is Michael Tracey and I recently ordered a half-leg cast cover from you for my vacation to the Bahamas with my wife and small kids. I was not happy when I broke my foot 3 weeks ago and found out I would be in a walking cast for 8 weeks.  Vacation was paid for and we were going even if it meant I would be observing, not participating in the events of the trip.  Luckily, I found you guys.  I called to place my order and your customer service team was very helpful in ensuring I ordered the right product for me.  Not only did your product work, but it was also beyond anything I ever expected.  Pool, ocean, water slides, last rivers, you name it, and this product was up for the challenge. Not 1 drop of water in my cast all week!  What more can you ask for, quality products that hold up to everything I needed and then some. I can’t tell you how many people stopped me and admired that I was able to do everything without missing a beat.  I gave several your contact information too!  You may want to explore some new business development in the hospitality trade, there is a market for your product there, for sure. Anyway, thanks again for saving my vacation!”

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