DRYPRO Cast Cover vs. Waterproof Cast

May 31, 2019

DRYPRO Cast Cover vs. Waterproof Cast

Children break their arms every day and still want to be able to enjoy summer activities.  Many parents have heard of waterproof casts, and think that this may be the solution.  However, there are many downfalls to waterproof casts that DRYPRO can resolve.

The cost of a waterproof cast is higher than the cost of a $40 DRYPRO Cast Cover.  Waterproof casts generally run around $60 per cast and you still run the risk of having to be re-casted if a problem arises.

The upkeep of a waterproof cast is also much greater than a DryPro Cast Cover.  After a waterproof cast gets wet, it is recommended that the cast be properly cleaned. Washington University Orthopedics stated, “While the lining is waterproof, it can still take a decent amount of time for it to dry completely when it does come in contact with water.”  This can create problems with odor, skin irritations, and infections.   

DryPro’s vacuum sealed cast cover is the perfect solution.  The price is lower and you can still enjoy all summer activities knowing that your cast will keep out any sand or dirt and stay 100% dry.

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