Dry Pro Photo & Testimonial Contest Spring 2013

June 17, 2013

Testimonials Waterproof Cast Cover

Dry Pro waterproof cast covers allowed these kids to swim with a broken bone and enjoy their vacation.  Thanks to all who participated this season!!!
1. Amy R. “A broken arm couldn’t ruin Tommy’s beach vacation!! Thanks Dry Pro!”
Amy Rupert
2. Becky B. “Dry Pro saved our anniversary trip…awesome product!”
becky holt brown
3. Jacki P. ” Completely relaxed 10-year-old who’s arm was broken at dive practice”
Vacation fishing
4. Michelle R. “No cast is gonna hold my daughter back from boogie boarding in Seaside, FL. Thank you, Thank you, thank you Dry Pro!”
Michelle Cavins Richardson
5. Corine Green “My son broke his forearm last week and has been seriously bummed out about his limited summer fun. We found your awesome product and this was his first trial run of the Dry Pro Full arm cover. We are all so happy he can go swimming and enjoy the summer. Thanks!
Corine Green
6. Brian L. “My wife and I were truly impressed with your product, in fact, your company literally saved our vacation earlier this month to Hawaii!  We have the pictures to prove it and would like to enter our daughter into the contest. My 3.5-year-old daughter McKenna (in attached picture) decided that she would run around at school and break her arm a month before our vacation to Hawaii.  Jennifer and I were getting really bummed about the fact that we were going to have a much-needed family vacation and not be able to let McKenna in the water.  As you know Hawaii is all about the water sports (beach, pool, snorkel and boogie boarding).Our friends at Kaiser Hospital recommended the product, so we ordered it.  We are so happy that your product turned a negative situation into a positive for our family and we have the memories to show. We are now recommending the product to our friends, family, and our contacts at Kaiser Hospital. Thank you so much DryPro!”
7. Kim B.
8. Shannon “For vacation this year, Sophia had her right arm in a long arm cast after breaking both her radius and ulna.  Her left wrist was in a splint due to a fractured growth plate. We were sure that being at the beach for a week would be no fun until her doctor told us about Drypro. Thank you for a wonderful product that really helped our whole family enjoy time together.”
9. Michelle F. “My daughter, Skylar is 4 years old. While at school she feels off the monkey bars and broke her arm. It was two days before school was out for the summer and she was heartbroken that she was not going to be able to attend her end of the year swimming party. We went to the doctor on a Friday to have her cast put on. Her doctor pulled up the dry pro website and showed us exactly what we needed so she did not miss her party. We ordered it that afternoon and had it overnighted. So on Monday, she was able to enjoy her party with her friends.”
Skyler 1
10. Rachel L. “This is 10 years old Jaden. this little gymnast broke her left arm flipping and tumbling 1 week before vacation. it did not stop her from a kayak adventure in punta cana,d.r. !!!!  thanks drycorp!!!!”
11. Christy J. ” Here is our 9 years old – SO excited about being able to get in the pool after all, despite his cast and a badly broken arm. He can even pull his little sister around the pool…We are definitely big DryPRO fans!”
drypro 01
12. Brian P. “SO happy to be able to enjoy the water!!!”
Brian Parkinson
13. Jen R. ” Thank u!!! My Daughter is having a blast at the beach even in a cast. We love it here in Carolina Beach.”
Kristy turner
14. Randy L. “Hello, I can’t tell you how happy we have been with DryPRO. My six-year-old daughter broke her leg as soon as our neighborhood pool opened up, the week before field day, and 3 weeks before we were scheduled to leave for Disney…. Let me tell you we have still been able to have fun this summer!!!! She is limited with her activities because she can not walk or bear weight. Having the dry pro has truly been a miracle. She can swim for long periods of time all over the pool, she was also able to be sprayed with the fire trucks on field day, and most of all, we just had a blast at Disney. We were able to ride all the rides with no worries as too if her cast would get wet. We even got caught in a downpour and within a second we had her boot on and her cast did not get wet at all. Thank you dry pro!!!!! Even though she has a bad break, she can still have fun!!! We would of be missing out on swimming, on field day and worst of all, the trip of a lifetime, Disney!”
15. Rachel L. ” When my 8-year old broke her arm doing a cartwheel, I thought we would have to cancel our summer vacation. Finding DryPro online saved our summer! We took a 10-day vacation to Florida filled with theme parks, sunny beaches, and water slides. My daughter didn’t miss out on anything and her cast stayed clean and dry the entire time. Thank you DryPro!”
16. Brandie F. “You can’t hold a cheerleader with a full leg cast back!  Attached are photos of the day we received her DryPro cast cover and only 3 days after her cast was put on.  Thinking her summer was ruined by a tumbling accident is no longer a problem!  Thanks!!!”
6-15-13 053
17. Ryan R. “My daughter, Piper, broke her arm a couple weeks before school let out for the summer. What hurt her the most wasn’t the break, it was the fact that we had a vacation planned to Seaside, FL right after school was out, and she was sure she would miss out on all of the beach fun with her cousins. Before we left for vacation we tried another cast cover that we purchased at a local drug store. Though it seemed to work when we tried it out in our pool, it was very uncomfortable, and my daughter couldn’t stand to keep it on. Thank goodness we found the Dry PRO cover online…it kept all of the sand and water out, plus it was comfortable enough for her to wear for at least 5 hours at a time while we played on the beach, swam & boogie boarded. Piper said it was her best vacation yet, and it actually turned out that her cousins had to keep up with HER! Thanks DryPRO!”
18. Nate G. “Thanks to DryPro, our son Gabe’s 2+ hr/day, 6-day per week training schedule has been largely uninterrupted. After more than two weeks of heavy, extended daily use, his cast is still dry and we’re in the home stretch… we can’t say enough good things about how this has helped him continue training hard in the sport he loves the most. Thanks DryPro!”

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