Difficulty sleeping with a cast

April 01, 2019

DryPro Blog Difficulty Sleeping with a Cast

Nights are often complicated when wearing a cast. It disturbs us, the quilt is heavy on the injured limb, and sometimes pain appears during the night. In order to spend a relaxing night, try to wedge the casted member with cushions to make it more comfortable. Likewise, if your leg is in a cast, don’t hesitate to raise your foot with cushions. It will enable better blood circulation. Finally, if the weight of the quilt is too heavy, there is a trick to stay warm without being bothered. You can make a cardboard structure that will relieve you of the weight of the quilt, and allow you to sleep more pleasantly.

Difficulty sleeping with a cast

To do so:

1. Take rectangular cardboard and close it with scotch tape

2. Cut out one side of the cardboard

3. Slide the cardboard in your bed

4. Put your casted leg in the opening of the cardboard

5. Enjoy a good night of sleep!

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