Dealing with a Fractured Tibia, Fibula or Other Leg Bone – Get a Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Cover..You’ll Be Glad You Did!!!

July 01, 2013

Waterproof Cast Cover for Children and Adults

All smiles!

All smiles!

Dry Pro is a waterproof cast cover that will save your summer vacation if you or your child is stuck in a cast. Here is just one of the many testimonials we receive every day!

“My daughter fractured her tibia, fibula, and calcaneus sliding into home base in a softball game. (She was SAFE and the run counted) Her injury required surgery. Unfortunately, this was before vacation.
On her follow up appointment, she was all set to get a waterproof cast (3 days before we left) and she was thrilled. Once the cast was off, it was decided no go on the waterproof cast due to her incision. She was devastated, to say the least.
I found Dry Pro on the Internet and your friendly customer service helped me locate a local store which carried your product.
I will be honest, I was scared and very leery it would work. My husband and I decided what’s the worst that could happen? Head to an ER on vacation and get a new cast? It was worth a chance.
We tried it and I will tell you I am so amazed! It worked like a charm. As you can tell by her face she was SO happy!

Thanks for making my little girl’s vacation fun!”
-Kathleen B.

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