Broken Leg Care

January 25, 2018

broken leg care

 broken leg care

Breaking a leg is stressful- it’s painful, you have limited mobility, and casts are uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to help you recover from a broken leg as quickly as possible.

Get lots of rest: While this may sound obvious, your body heals more quickly while you are sleeping.  Mending a bone takes a lot of energy out of you, so make sure to take it easy and get plenty of sleep!

Wiggle your toes: It might sound silly, but wiggling your toes can have some big benefits for you.  By wigging your toes whenever you think of it, you are keeping your blood flowing as well as preventing as much stiffness in the joints in your toes, foot and ankle.  Curling and stretching your toes is a great way to prevent stiffness as well.

Don’t stick anything down your cast: Although it might be tempting, sticking objects down your cast to relieve the itch can have consequences.  By using sharp objects to relieve the itch, you could potentially scratch yourself and cause an infection.  There is also the chance that a piece of the object will break off or get stuck, causing discomfort and irritation.  DryPRO’s Cast Relief Spray helps relieve itching and odor without the risk of infection.

waterproof leg cast cover

Keep your leg elevated and iced: By keeping your leg elevated, excess fluids are drained out of the limb, keeping it from getting swollen and painful.  Use pillows or a chair to prop your leg up. Icing your leg while elevated will also help ease swelling.  Place ice in a plastic bag and loosely wrap it around the cast.  Ridged ice packs will not be very effective as they only cover a small area.

Eat the right foods: According to the Andrews Institute, food such as non-fat yogurt, almonds, and leafy greens will help speed up your recover time, along with other foods high in calcium.  Foods that are high in sodium or sugar should be avoided, along with alcohol and excessive caffeine.

Don’t get your cast wet: One of the most commonly known rules of cast-care, getting your cast wet could compromise the quality of the cast as well as encourage mold and mildew to grow.  Luckily, DryPRO has you covered with our waterproof cast covers so you can shower and swim worry free!

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