Bone Dry with DryPro-Testimonial

June 30, 2014

Save your summer waterproof cast cover

testimonial 19 aI don’t even know how to begin to sing the praises of Dry Pro! My 4-year-old son body-slammed my 3-year-old son (Tony) and broke his arm… requiring surgery. I was heartbroken that my Tony was not going to be able to get in the pool, play in the sprinkler, play with squirt guns or even “play water” in the sink for at least 5 weeks (until the end of summer). As the thermometer rose, I realized that I had to find a way for Tony to cool off. I purchased the pseudo-garbage bag products from a medical supply store, which were complete junk. I even tried to rig my own cover with kitchen gloves, saran wrap, medical tape, duct tape, etc. which worked better than the pseudo-garbage bag and worked for the sprinkler but took more than half and hour to put on and even longer to get off. Then I decided to try the internet for a waterproof cast cover, and I stumbled onto Dry Corp’s website. As soon as I saw the Dry Pro photos, I knew it would work. I called medical supply stores all over the city, but could not locate the product, so I ordered online and rushed the testimonial 19 bshipment. Within 10 minutes of the FedEx truck leaving, we were in the pool. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous, but Tony told me that the “cast cover” was dry on the inside…. and he was right. It was BONE DRY (pardon the pun). I was so excited. I took my Dry Pro package to the medical supply store where I bought the pseudo-garbage bag product and told them that I paid the same price for this amazing product of unequal quality. I suggested that they order Dry Pro in bulk. I’ve also stopped every person that I’ve seen with an arm or leg cast and told them about Dry Pro.
Thank you for inventing such a wonderful product. Thank you for saving our summer. And, most of all, thank you for bringing a smile back to Tony’s face.
I’ve attached some photos of Tony with his Dry Pro cover on. My favorite is of my husband launching Tony in the air in the pool.

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