Activities for Child With a Broken Bone

June 28, 2019

Activities for Child With a Broken Bone

At school
Your child must be very careful not to damage or break his/her cast. You can explain to him/her that if that were the case, it would have to be remade and it would extend his/her healing time. If he/she goes to school, advise him/her to avoid jostling in the hallways or at recess time and pass on these instructions to his/her teacher and to all school staff.
If you are at the seaside or near a pool, the same precautions as for the shower are to take. You can use a high-quality waterproof cast cover. You can put your trust into DryPro Cast Cover, which will keep your cast dry at the beach. Our patented model ensures that the cast cover is tightly sealed against your skin, to keep all moisture out. Moreover, it is an efficient way to protect your cast from sand. Want another good news? You can also enjoy swimming with it as it is totally submersible.
Sports being, of course, forbidden during the treatment, your child can feel a great frustration, but you can help him/her to find other activities: board games, reading, watching movies, playing computer games, etc. Reassure him/her that this is a temporary state and that he/she quickly get back all his/her motor skills. Moreover, by using a DryPro Cast Cover you can allow your child to enjoy the pool while keeping his/her cast dry.

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