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August 03, 2009

DryPRO Waterproof Full Arm Cast Cover for Swimming and Showering Kids

To the DryPro Family,

I wish I could find the words to explain to you our gratification with your product. I could say thank you a million times, but that would never be enough. The smile that you and your company put on my 4 years face could NEVER be put into words. Let me explain; I have a 4-year-old little girl named Addysen. She was running down a hill behind our house July 3rd, even after repeated warning of getting hurt she decided that she was going to continue running down the hill and ignore my words. Long story short we ended up in the hospital that night she fractured her left elbow. When she was getting the cast put on, her excitement was high (because it was pink) but what she did not realize was that this “pink” cast was now going to restrict her from almost all of her fun summer activities. Before this happened she was taking swimming lessons at her camp (Chesterbrook Academy) she was a week into it and swimming like a fish. We were all so proud of her (she was sort of afraid of the water prior to the lessons). When we told her that she could not swim anymore because of her cast she cried and cried. She was so depressed and overwhelmed with the new “bubble” I had to place her in because of the fracture and cast. She told me that “this was the worst summer she had ever had”. Even though swimming wasn’t the only thing she was kept from doing right now. It was the most important for her, because of her overcoming her fear and learning to swim.

I found out about your product from a fellow employee, I must admit I was very skeptical I know how bad water and a cast is.. I did not tell Addysen about your product just in case it didn’t work or we were not able to get it. But ordering the waterproof cast cover was so easy and delivery was so fast, Addysen only went about 4 days without swimming. She is trying her hardest to swim but the weight of her cast is making it hard (so, for now, she is in a life vest or floaties). But she is back in the water and loving every second of it. She has also been helping wash our cars, playing in water fountains and sprinklers and enjoying every day of her hot summer as any 4 years should be. And I own this ALL to our new family at DryPro. I could never thank you enough, but I will promise that the wonderful words about your product will be spread. You saved our summer, THANK YOU DRYPRO.

By the way, Addysen does have one little request. She wanted to tell you that she thinks you should think about making a PINK waterproof cast cover for the girls.

Completely Satisfied,

Addysen and Adrienne (North Carolina)

P.S. I have attached some pictures of Addysen enjoying her summer.

DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover

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