Why DryPro? Air tight. Fits right: The Best Waterproof Cast Cover

March 27, 2018

best waterproof cast cover

best waterproof cast cover


With summer fast approaching, the need for a waterproof cast cover for a broken arm or leg is increasing. Ideal for active individuals who don’t want to miss out on their summer plans, DryPro products allows one to engage in activities on the water all summer long. Some of the benefits of our products can be seen below: 

  • – Our cast covers are 100% submersible
  • – Products range from cast and ostomy covers to prosthetic and PICC lines
  • – There is a wide range of sizes which fit both children and adults
  • – DryPro is the premium waterproof cast and bandage protector on the market today
  • – Orders placed before 3:15 p.m EST ship the same day
  • – Additional products such as DryPro cast relief spray eliminates the problem of a smelly cast
  • – Products are made in the USA

DryPro products allow for hydrotherapy, a type of post operative physical therapy. Directly after surgery, one is able to shower and bathe without the use of a garbage bag or homemade device. Our products also may cover wounds, stitches, and bandaging. 

We ensure that our products are readily available. If you need one as soon as possible, we offer same day shipping, we have dealers all over the world, and excellent customer support.

Check out our dealer locator here: http://www.drycorp.com/dealer-locator/ 

Don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We love customer photos and we’d love to share yours! Check out our Facebook for more testimonials here: https://www.facebook.com/DRYPro/


“You’ve made a wonderful product that works perfectly! My son broke his arm last summer and we ordered the cast cover through Amazon. It saved our summer.” -Lynn P.

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