What to Do with a Cast at the Beach!??

June 05, 2013

Swimming with a broken arm

Dry Pro is the Answer!

My daughter is 9 and recently broke her arm by falling off her razor scooter (my take – get rid of them if you have them). We are going to be spending 12 days at the ocean in Rhode Island starting on the 12th. Obviously, she won’t be surfing or boogie boarding. I think we can keep her entertained outside of the swimming… I’m worried about the sand. Does anyone have any experience with casts at the beach? Any tricks to keep the sand out – or at least under control?
-S.B asks from Syracus, NY

You’re in luck! Dry Corp, LLC is extremely experienced with casts at the beach and we have a great solution for keeping sand out (not just under control). Dry Pro is a latex sleeve that slides over the cast and vacuum seals to become 100% waterproof and sand proof. With the air-tight fit created by the vacuum seal, she can go surfing and boogie boarding without worry of damaging the cast. Visit us at drycorp.com or call 1-888-6000-DRY.

-Dry Pro answers from Wilmington, NC

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