We know that the DryPro is waterproof… But is it snowproof, too?

January 05, 2015

Snowproof and waterproof cast cover

Do you think that water is the only arena to use the DryPro in? Think again! Pam Provenzano of San Diego shared this message with us last week regarding the recent snowfall in San Diego, California:
“Thank you for having a product that let my 7 year boy experience snow for the first time! We don’t get snow very often in San Diego, so I am glad that he could still participate even though he has his left arm in a cast! It’s the 3rd time he has broken his arm in 15 months! I swear by the DryPro cover and tell anyone I see in a cast about it! He’s worn it in the ocean, the snow, and to wash the car. Thanks for a great product!!”
Thanks for proving that the DryPro can be used to waterproof AND snowproof casts, Pam! Don’t let a broken bone ruin a snow day… Order a DryPro now!
snow in san diego

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