Waterproof PICC IV Line and Wound Cover “Makes Life Easier”

October 29, 2013

waterproof PICC line protector for showering and swimming

Very Much Does the Job we Were Looking for, July 10, 2013
By Hilaree
“My dad actually was the person that I bought this for, He had the PICC line put in and we were very worried about his showers, and once he got this delivered to us. It has protected his arm to make sure that area does not get wet and does the job we were hoping for. Thank you”
Made Life Way Easier, Jun23, 2013
By: Laura Wanamaker
“Put this on your arm, give a few pumps and tada, it’s suctioned to your arm for complete waterproof abilities!! Wish I would have bought this sooner! I told my home care nurse, all companies should provide these to PICC line patients, because of how much easier it makes your life! Would highly recommend!
Incredible seal. I love it, June 20, 2013
By: R. Diaz “Rafa del Focsa” (USA)
“I would not believe how well it seals the covered area so that water does not come into your arm and ruins your PICC line dressing.”

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