Waterproof cast cover – A Little Mermaid Party Saver

May 17, 2013

Birthday party with a broken arm

We love cruising Amazon to read reviews by happy customers who bought the DRYPro. Today, we stumbled upon this review and we felt we had to share it on our blog.

mermaidA Little Mermaid Party Saver

By Lindsey Jo Houts

” This was a pool party saver! For my daughter birthday, she wanted to be a mermaid and have a pool party. I sent out invitations and custom ordered a mermaid tail. 2 weeks before the party she broke her arm. We were devastated! We thought we’d have to call off the whole thing. I saw this and decided it was worth a try. It arrived 2 days after I order it and works great. I did put a tube sock over her cast to absorb any moisture that might have got in. She swam for 4 hours and her cast stayed perfectly dry. Her birthday wish came true, to be a mermaid for the day, thanks to this cast cover :)”

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