The Surfer’s Savior-Testimonial

January 08, 2015

Waterproof cast cover for broken wrist

testimonial 10Hi, my name is Bryan Hopkins and I have a great love for the ocean and riding waves year ’round.  I broke my wrist a few months ago pretty bad skateboarding and that has kept me out of the water.  It has played on my emotions not being able to pursue my love of riding waves.  Now that my wrist has begun to feel stronger I still must wear a cast. Three months of not bodyboarding has been bad enough I don’t want to go four.  I went and purchased the DryPro surgical sleeve for my cast and immediately went out and pulled into some clean hollow barrels while wearing my DryPro glove.  This glove has brought me tremendous happiness and it is worth every penny.  Thank you very much.  I have attached two pictures of myself riding waves(and getting tubed) on a bodyboard with the DryPro glove, it is on my left hand.  I plan to get more waves and more pictures so I can always send more.  I also have a professional photographer(that didn’t take these pictures) who can get in-water photographs of great clarity. This is a great opportunity for PR.
Sincerely, Bryan Hopkins

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