Thank you for your fabulous product!

July 27, 2009

DryPRO WAterproof Full Arm Cast Cover for Swimming and Showering Kids


First, thank you for your fabulous product! My five-year-old son broke his elbow just a couple of days after our community pool opened. He had been asking “when will the pool open” for weeks. The thought of having to keep this active, water-loving, mud-seeking kid out of the water for 5 weeks just made my heart sink. We made the trip to our local medical supply store to buy a Dry Pro full arm waterproof cover the same afternoon he had his cast put on. (after one of your helpful phone reps directed us to the closest location.) We had bet the orthopedic doctor that he would never make it and that we would be sure to be replacing the cast when it got wet. We lost that bet! The cast came off this past Tuesday.
I’m excited to share – I told everyone at our ortho’s office about the product and donated our cover for a future patient. The doctor was pretty impressed.

Thanks again for saving our summer!

Thank you for your fabulous product!

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