Thank you Dry Corp for saving our Cape Cod vacation.

July 02, 2009

DryPRO Waterproof Half Leg Cast Cover for Swimming and Bathing Kids

Our soon to be three years old, Emma broke her lower leg right before the start of our summer vacation. Your customer service staff was very understanding after we realized the extra-small full leg cast cover was to tight and quickly replaced it with a small half-leg cast cover, FedEx shipped directly to our hotel. Not only has your cast cover performed against the sea, lake, pool as well as the slip and slide but we also found that it can be used to keep sand out of the cast without pumping out the air while on the beach. In a pinch, you can suck the air out with your mouth, but I would not advise doing that if you are allergic to latex or you dislike the taste of rubber. We plan on leaving your cast cover at the pediatric orthopedic office next week when we have her cast removed!

Broken lower leg before summer vacation


CTV from Pikeville, KY

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