February 06, 2012

DryPRO Waterproof PICC line protector review

"Dear DryPro,

Recently I Had to have surgery to repair my Achilles tendon, which put me in a hard cast for six weeks. Your product was essential during this time allowing me to shower every day as well as continue my swim training. The cover worked flawlessly during the entire time and still looks new. I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful product!



"I wanted to send you this very belated thank you for your promptness, care, and
professionalism in tending to the problem I was having with my DryPro
PICC Protector.  It came in the mail last week, but I received my
chemo treatment 1/25/12 and I wasn’t up to showering until recently.
I’m happy with the replacement.  Thank you.



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