Testimonial – Happy 6 year old at the beach!

September 13, 2011

DryPRO waterproof cast cover product reviews

Thank you for your reply.  I would like to give you some background information.  We just put a vacation home at the beach in Ocean Shores, Washington.  We daydreamed of a summer filled with fun in the sun on the beach and playing in the surf.  The last day of school, our child broke his arm during recess.  Even if we kept him out of the surf (and we all know how hard that would be!) we needed to protect his cast from getting sand in it.

Your product worked wonderfully.  We all had a great summer and the broken arm didn’t slow David down one bit.  You can see from the photos you guys made him one happy, happy child! (he is 6) I will send an attachment with this email and also a couple from my iPhone.

Thanks a million!

Nancy Nurse
Puyallup, WA

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